SPROUTS – Bottle Gardens


large clear jar with wide opening and lid
clear tape; old spoon; a cotton ball; two long skewers
gravel or small stones; potting soil mix; small indoor plants

* to make long handled tools that will reach into your jar
tape the spoon to one wooden skewer
tape the cotton ball to the other wooden skewer


find a work surface that can be wiped clean

spoon about 3cm of gravel into the bottom of the jar
add about 6-7cm of potting soil mix and gently press

use the spoon to make a hole in the potting soil
add one of the plants and press the soil gently in place

use as many plants as you have to fill your jar
or place one in the center and let it grow

dip the cotton ball in water and squeeze it out
use this cleaning tool to wipe the sides of the jar


remember to clean your work surface and tools

place your bottle garden in a bright area out of direct sun

water the bottle garden once a week to start,
paying attention to how much water is left each time
some plants dry quickly, others don’t need much water

over time as your bottle garden grows you can remove
some plants to make space, or add new ones for interest

Download Activity as PDF

April 7 - SPROUTS - Bottle Gardens - Garddwest EcoEducation

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