GOING GREEN – Handmade Seed Paper


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Garddwest GOING GREEN – Handmade Seed Paper

RESOURCES for further Learning

Did everyone see my Bill Nye socks during the LIVE video?  100 Science Experiments recommends Marvelous Marbling and other Bill Nye Home Demos as a creative follow-up to home paper making.

Borrow 100 Science Experiments from HPL(currently closed)

How about some “How Its Made” archive video? We made our own paper today, but here’s “How Its Made” on a large scale:

Weird Wood (Forests Ontario)

“Have you ever wondered where the man-made things around you come from? All of them had to come from somewhere! These fun flashcards cards can be printed and will help students learn where everyday wood products come from. They may even find the some surprising items are made with wood.”

Worksheet (PDF – English) + Flashcards (PDF – English)
Brochure (PDF – French) + Carte Flash (PDF – French)


Faces in the forestry supply chain
PDF – Infographic
(Natural Resources Canada)

Sustainable Paper Making Process (Sappi Global)

RESOURCE: Seeds of Diversity

How To Save Your Own Seeds: A Handbook for Small Scale Seed Production

This Seeds of Diversity publication helps aspiring and experienced seed savers alike, to build skill and confidence.  With detailed, step-by-step seed saving and storage instructions accompanied by illustrations and photographs, this publication is a fantastic educational resource for any eco learning environment.

Basic Instructional Handouts (feel free to print or share online!)

Basic Plant Botany:

RESOURCE: Butterfly Lifecycle

This educational handout is a launching point for discussions about the lifecycle of a monarch butterfly.  The worksheet outlines the four basic stages of the butterfly’s lifecycle and leaves space for participants to write their notes and answers to discussion questions about each stage.

garddwest printable lifecycle of monarch single

garddwest printable lifecycle of monarch double* this double-column worksheet can be printed on 8.5×11 and cut in half when printing multiple copies of the handout