GOING GREEN – Plant Secrets

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SPROUTS (Ages 5+)
Plant Secrets
by Emily Goodman


Plants come in all shapes and sizes, but they go through the same stages as they grow. Using four common plants, young readers learn about a plant’s life cycles. Simple text and colorful illustrations show the major phases of plant growth: seed, plant, flower, and fruit.

how to grow some of the plants we read about in today’s book
Grow your own…
Pea Shoots
Early Peas
Tangy Tomatoes
Oaks from Acorns
& more!

GOING GREEN – Speedy Seeds

[GOING GREEN] March 19 – Download PDF

resources for further learning

(order online from West Coast Seeds)
How To Grow Sprouts From Seeds


BOOK: “Gardening for Beginners
by Emily Bone and Abigail Wheatley

A charming introduction to gardening for absolute beginners, with simple instructions for plants that anyone can grow – even without a garden!  A wonderful introduction to gardening and where food comes from.

GOING GREEN – Handmade Seed Paper


Download this activity as a Printable PDF:
Garddwest GOING GREEN – Handmade Seed Paper

RESOURCES for further Learning

Did everyone see my Bill Nye socks during the LIVE video?  100 Science Experiments recommends Marvelous Marbling and other Bill Nye Home Demos as a creative follow-up to home paper making.

Borrow 100 Science Experiments from HPL(currently closed)

How about some “How Its Made” archive video? We made our own paper today, but here’s “How Its Made” on a large scale:

Weird Wood (Forests Ontario)

“Have you ever wondered where the man-made things around you come from? All of them had to come from somewhere! These fun flashcards cards can be printed and will help students learn where everyday wood products come from. They may even find the some surprising items are made with wood.”

Worksheet (PDF – English) + Flashcards (PDF – English)
Brochure (PDF – French) + Carte Flash (PDF – French)


Faces in the forestry supply chain
PDF – Infographic
(Natural Resources Canada)

Sustainable Paper Making Process (Sappi Global)