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Looking for more information about these butterfly garden plants, or want to DIY your own Butterfly Garden? -> see the Butterfly Gardens section of our Resources Page

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Orange + Pink

TRIO (3 plants)
+ Butterfly Milkweed
+ ‘Summer Pastels’ Yarrow
+ ‘Bicolor’ Butterfly Bush

FIVE (all of the above, PLUS)
+ ‘Sensation Deep Rose’ Perennial Sage
+ ‘Sweet Marmalade’ Threadleaf Tickseed

Blue + Yellow

TRIO (3 plants)
+ ‘Hello Yello’ Milkweed
+ ‘Sunny Seduction’ Yarrow
+ ‘Flutterby Petite Blue Heaven’ Butterfly Bush

FIVE (all of the above, PLUS)
+ ‘Sensation Sky Blue’ Perennial Sage
+ ‘Moonbeam’ Threadleaf Tickseed