SPROUTS – 5 Senses of Trees


“5 Senses of Trees” Printable Activity Chart
or notebook, paper, something to write on

writing utensil (optional: one colour for each of 5 senses)


go on a backyard amble, neighbourhood walk or trail hike

as you walk, pay close attention to what is around you
is it breezy or windy? let that steer the direction you walk

as you walk, match your breathing to your steps
if you run quickly, does your breathing speed up?
if you walk slowly, can you slow your breath to match?

can you name the 5 Senses?


what can you discover by using those five senses?

what do you see? hear? smell? taste? feel?

find a tree in your backyard or along your walk or hike
and fill out the “5 Senses of Trees” activity chart

Download Activity as PDF

April 8 - SPROUTS - Windy Walk, 5 Senses of Trees - Garddwest EcoEducation

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