SPROUTS – Windowsill Edible Gardens



beans or seeds
lettuce/greens are ideal, or select DWARF varieties to plant
small amount of damp potting soil (not dripping wet)
paper towel, cup of water
jar lid or shallow dish with lip
recycled containers for planting


fill each container with damp potting or seed starting soil
gently pat the surface but don’t press the soil too hard

sow seeds according to packet instructions
roughly as deep as the seed is large
i.e. 2cm bean, planted 2cm deep

small seeds can be scattered across the surface
of the soil, then covered with a thin layer of soil

for larger seeds, make a small hole in the soil wit
a pencil or skewer and gently push the seed into the hole

make sure all seeds are deep enough, and covered by soil
use a spray bottle to water thoroughly after planting

REMEMBER to label everything!


place the containers on a bright windowsill out of direct
full-day sun, or plants may get too hot and “bolt”

water thoroughly and evenly every day
don’t let the plants dry out but don’t drown them either!

as the plants grow, thin out smaller or weaker ones

Download this Activity as PDF


April 6 - SPROUTS - Windowsill Gardens - Garddwest EcoEducation

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